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What is Perfect-Teller?
Perfect-Teller is a program that allows your members to access their account information via their home computer. They can access their account from any computer that can access the Internet.  This includes Windows computers, Apple iMac, and Linux desktops.

What information can the members access?
They can access share (including balances, YTD dividends, and available balance) and loan information (including payment amount, delinquent amount, payoff amount, available credit, APR, and Next Payment Due Date), transfer money between shares, make loan payments, do loan advances to LC loans (if your credit union allows it), transfer money to other member accounts, display YEARS worth of share and loan history (same as
what you can access in Program #23 at the credit union), pull up statements as far back to Jan 1995, and display images of checks (requires service from Members United or Corporate One).

How does it work?
A program running on the Linux server at your credit union establishes a continuous outgoing connection to our server using 468-bit encryption. The Perfect-Teller client program running on the member’s computer also creates an encrypted connection to our server whenever the member wants to access their account information. Our server then transfers information back and forth between the credit union and the member. Since the credit union server is not directly accepting incoming connections from the members, the CU firewall can block ALL incoming connections making security concerns minimal. There is no limitation to the number of member’s that can access their account information simultaneously.

Summary of Features:

Members can enroll for home Banking 24 hours a day by entering their email address, account number, Birth Date, Zip Code, and last four digits of their SSNO.  Once they have enrolled, a KEY is stored on their computer that insures secure access.

Sign On page can be easily integrated into CU’s current web page (by your web page designer). Acct and Pass can be requested as part of your main web page.

Account Summary:
When your member signs onto their account via Perfect-Teller, they will be greeted by an account summary screen which conveniently shows ALL their shares (description, balance, and YTD dividends) and loans (note #, payment amt, balance, and DLQ amt) on one screen. They can then click on an individual share or loan to show more detailed information and to display that account’s history.

Account History:
Member can access their share or loan history from current date back several years (for as far back as program #23 has history for on your system). They can also display front and back of checks (see next item).

Images Online:
Images of your drafts (checks) can be accessed by clicking on the draft number on the history screen. Either the front or back of the draft can be displayed and both can be printed. (This requires a contract with Members United or Corporate One, which charges for this service)

Statements Online:
The ability to pull up the last several years worth of Monthly and Quarterly Statements via the Perfect-Teller program. Statements back to January, 1995 are online. Each credit union can optionally require or encourage ALL members to agree to NOT receive a paper copy via mail, in order to access their electronic statements online. This would save you the postage and handling cost of mailing statements to those members.

Usage Summary:
Each month, you will receive a summary that shows exactly how many Sign-Ons your members generated, sub-totaled for each day of the month. This summary also shows the number of check images that were retrieved for each of those days, if you sign up for that service (with Members United or Corporate One).

Flash Software:
Uses Adobe Flash Player which is currently installed on more than 90% of online computers.

Perfect-Teller Costs:
A one time charge of $6995.00 for the Perfect-Teller software and to activate it on your Linux server. Monthly billing based on $0.02 per ‘Sign-On’ (with a Maximum charge of $500.00 per month). A 'Sign-On' is defined as one member logging on to the Perfect-Teller system and staying on until they are finished using the system. During that time, any number of transactions, history requests, statement downloads, draft images, or other options can be performed without incurring any additional charges from us. If that member logs off and back on, that counts as a separate Sign-On and will be billed accordingly. Any amount less than $5.00 will be waived and will NOT roll over to the next month.

Typical Credit Union Cost:

One time costs:
NEW INSTALL: $6995.00
Mobile App add-on: $1500.00

Download Purchase Authorization

Monthly costs:
Per Sign-on $ 5.00 - $500.00 (variable depending on usage)
(For most credit unions, this will be less than $10/month for the first several months)

Features of Flash Version of Perfect-Teller

  • CU can allow members to Enroll for home bank online w/o CU needing to assign passwords(Member answers challenge questions to authenticate and enters their Email address)
  • CU can force members to use a more secure password Per NCUA recommendation (Minimum of 6 characters and a combination of Letters and Numbers)
  • Prevents ALL access after signoff or timeout (no matter what browser they use WEB version allows them to press BACK and see information if JavaScript is disabled)
  • Allows members to Specify a date range and also sort history
  • Supports TXT, CSV, or QIF export download of history for MS Money and Older Quicken versions
  • More professional look, but still works with any standard browser
  • Sign On page can be easily integrated into CU’s current web page (by your web page designer, Acct and Pass can be requested as part of your main web page)
  • Uses Adobe FLASH Player which is currently installed on more than 90% of online computers



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